Time flies! The second round of our VERSUS project has come to its end. 10 episodes which once again has brought together the most representative writers from countries like Poland, Greece, Portugal and United Kingdom.

Boing did what does best and brought Witch Violet with him on a metro mission in Athens and left a panel running around purple in traffic.

Even if Marvel was on vacations, he squeezed every last drop out of his Waimea Blue on a huge mural.

Converted into the ‘Pink Panther’, Rosy One sketched up a great piece filled it with Pink Manga.

The Wild Boys from Napoli made everything they could to empty as many cans of Mojito Green with their savage pieces.

A wholecar with Kenya OrangeBitch didn’t hold anything back while facing his challenge.

Our color Malva served well for PW13 when he made a panel in the belgian rain.

With a piece along the line Risko confronted his color of choice Prometheus Orange through his straight and clean style.

Between joint and joint, Mamón from Madrid played his straight style with Greyhound Brown.

Towns went down to the beach of Barcelona and chilled out at a wall while he filled his letters full of Madrid Red.

Ogre gracefully confronted Atacama Yellow with a piece well put together.

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