It has been a little over a year since Black Magic exists, even if the writers of this crew has been active longer than most. Black Magic is a group of spanish writers with over 20 years of practice on their backs. Crime ( Madrid), Smote (Elche), Hen (Barcelona), Jank (Santander), Nexie (Barelona), Noise (Barcelona), Ms1 (Málaga), Musa(Barcelona), Ovas (Palma de Mallorca), Razer (Madrid) and Sher (Zaragoza). Each writer with their own style and personal twist, but all of them with a common vision.

Some months back they decided to challenge each other. The challenge consisted of that each writer of the group had to make one piece of each tag of all the other members. 10 pieces in total, to show their homage and respect to their fellow crew members. The whole crew now finally have the results of their challenge… Everyday we will show you the results of one writer at a time.

To begin with we will present the results of Fons aka Smote. This sneaky writer has presented all of his crew members through one big composition, a truly smart and comfortable way to go through with his task. And the result is quite satisfying…

Attitude, brotherhood, sticks, arrows, colors, frog eyes, marihuana, skinny banana, style, letters, stars, characters, one of Dondi’s hairs, a page from Spraycan Art… And now I can’t remember what more I threw in the pot to cook up this spell… But the incantation came out in the form of graffiti.

Smote, Blackmagic crew

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