Next out from the Black Magic crew to show us his interpretations of his friends pieces is the tireless Crime.

Known for many other names through which he gained a lot of respect and reputation, Crime is has a unconditional love for graffiti… struck by graffiti fever. He  is a case of a person who has a lot to say, but even more to paint.

To me Black Magic is more than a crew, its a team. A team where no one has to tell the other what to do, we are all “older” now, and we know what to do, go out without any lazy attitude, without expecting any calls from anyone else. Only you yourself has the key to yourself. The magic is ours. It is like a time bomb: Go out painting or explode. I don’t need the help from anyone else to go out painting and do what i like doing… This is magic, this is what it is all about.

We create magic wherever, whenever and most importantly is doing it for the love of art… I don’t accept excuses, It is worth nothing to me, and I hear a lot of people who always has an excuse. It is a word I hate. There is always time for everything in life, dinners, parties, messing around… All this but not graffiti? I don’t  believe in it, and this is why I consider myself a magician of color. My ego deals with this every day. Not because of all the “likes” you get on Facebook or any other type of props on any web…

I know I might sound like I’m bitching, but this is like a drug, and I see it as a good drug. Really good. And this crew is going to kill your eyes with color because we are here to give it a 100%, or at least try to, and I think my crew backs me up in this, between all of us we have something in common. Nothing will stop us, and we will never make excuses for doing what we most love doing in life. The energy of this team can be a explosion of color and happiness for the grey toned surfaces in this world…. I think I said it all.
Black Magic… 2013, Forwards soldiers!


Speaking of this challenge, its the bomb. I think no one in this world has done something as “all out” as this, and so inspired. We are giving it all. We all have stuff we have to do, some of us has kids to take care of, but this is in motion now, and I believe that it is a great merit to put up goals like this in life. You can’t just sit still and have a beer in the park and smoke a spliff: This is why you need a challenge to make you feel that you have accomplished something. And what better way than doing what you most love to do?
“Graffiti for life”. Black Magic is THE magic. between all of us we can.
Greetings to all those who puts up with me on a daily basis!
Crime Black Magic










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