What can you say about Musa that hasn’t already been said? Well, know its time for us to listen to her. And we will also see her contribution to the Black Magic challenge.


This is not only a crew to me. It is a challenge in itself. Except for the fact that I have a lot of personal history with many of them, and that they are close friends, we are all people who have been painting for a long time, all of us are people who are very passionate about what we do. These are not people who blindly follows trends and fashion, but the kind of people who do things with their gut and can’t stop doing what they are doing. It is not really that important that you like everything they do, and it is not absolutely necessary that we always agree with each other. All we need is a vision and some respect.

About the challenge. I took this as a blood pact, (laughs), like a way to commit yourself to the group. To make pieces of all the names of your friends, the names of your partners, while trying to keep up the quality… so much style. You have to be truly determined to write their names the best way possible, because they will definitely do the same thing.

Musa Black Magic









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