Is the time to review the pieces by Sher for the Black Magic challenge. As always we can count with the declarations of this classic ‘wildstyler’ from Zaragoza.


‘When someone suggests you the idea of taking part of a group, you always take your time to reflect on what that group consists in and what you can bring into it. This time, we talk about a group of graffiti writers with a long career behind them. They all have touched the purest part of graffiti , with different, marked and personal styles but always sharing the same idea and the clear concept of what graffiti is. Nowadays it is easy to meet people with very vague and nourished opinions on the Internet. Various trends, unhealthyouy and unethical interests . But it is also hard to find people who have never separated from that clear concept to write his own name with style as they did from their beginning. Concept that today has been gradually corrupting.

With these reasons of such weight … how should not be interesting this concept? Even more cross people still related among us and that mutually know their respective work. Being based in different parts of the country stands great connections and ideas. One of the first was precisely the challenge Black Magic, write the name of the other components of the group with your style.

At the beginning this results quite difficult as I never work with sketch, but at the same time it seems to me a good method to find new ways and go beyond the usual experience. At the end, it resulted to be a great one experience that really gave me the opportunity to confront new forms through lettering that I had never used and fitted together before.

Of course it was also very interesting to see your name written ​​by different writers whose styles you know and appreciate. Especially when it deals completely different styles. It’s like an infinite number of ways that you had not been applied to your name … Great!

Post Data : Graffiti is Graffiti , do not go around anymore!

Sher Black Magic










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