It is Ovas turn to burn. Thanks to his  past as a writer it is safe to say he is the most respected writer on the island of Mallorca.

Almost two years ago i was a t Crime’s house when he dropped:

-Check it out, I just spoke to Hen and we are going put together a crew called Black Magic, and we want you to be in it…

-Who is going to be in it?

-This one, and that one…

-Ok, count me in!

They where all serious people, some of them good friends from before and some where people i know and had painted with once o twice, but people I really respected and knew through their paintings since a long time. We all have in common that we have been painting for a long time and that we all have graffiti fever. When I got back home I made a big Black Magic with a demon goat in the center, bloody background, 3D’s… I said to myself, Yeah! This one was great, I am going to repeat this every sunday.

About two months has passed since they asked me to paint the names of everyone in the crew and I had a lot of fun doing it, making sketches with letters I never usually do, and it has even changed my way of seeing my own letters and ways of connecting them. I looked for new and forgotten places to paint and finished in about 2 weeks. I like finding new place to paint with my friends or alone, better to paint alone than in bad company…

A crew is all about teamwork, to feel good around each other, thinking alike in how to do things and knowing that you have your friends to back you up.

I have been in various crews that I no longer write because they didn’t give me anything, crews where after a while you see that they only look for people who are “good” at painting and that it doesn’t have any real depth to it, and half of the people you don’t even know.

Black Magic are all friends, self-sufficient and burning for what they do. Search, compare it, and if you find anything even close to it just buy it!

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