Katre went inside an abandoned factory in Paris with some Hardcore 2 Black, Red and Silver as his only company… Except for his friend Seth CLM, of course…
He tells us about his experiences in his own words…

I found an abandoned factory in Paris, and after taking a lot of pictures there the first day, I decided to go back and paint some chrome pieces. Black and red as I usually do in these kinds of places, it creates a nice contrast between the dirty background and the letters.

I called my friend Seth Clm to come along and see this crazy place before it disappeared forever.

It was really easy to get in, and after walking around inside for a while we found a good wall to paint some quick pieces on.

It is the first time we used the new hardcore2 chrome, and we where really surprised about how easy it was to use, really smooth and covers great. The red I used for outlines was perfect too! It covered the silver perfectly, with a lot of power in color!

Seth does not usually use Hardcore since it reminds him of the old Hardcore range, and in his opinion they were really never that good.

He was very surprised to discover that the new hardcore 2 was as good as it is, and loved the new valve. It is easy to control and it dries very fast!

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