After the improvement of our Mega Chrome it has been easy to guess that the same make-over would come to its equivalent colors on the color chart. We are proud to introduce you the New MTN Mega Colors.

Our traditional Mega (600 ml) has been reformulated with an improved opacity, a faster dry -perfect for incoming winter conditions-, 3 new colors and a fresh restyling.

  • Light yellow
  • Pastel orange
  • Light red
  • Magenta
  • Paris green
  • Guacamole green
  • Light blue
  • Electric blue
  • Geisha violet
  • Anonymous violeta
  • Black
  • Divinity white

The potent firing of the new Mega Colors with its power in covering provides a fat line most efficiently made with the Pink Fat Cap. The new qualities of our Mega Colors offers different possibilities with the rest of our MTN caps, for example the long reach you can get from combining the new can with the Needle Cap.

This powerful tool fell into the hands of Barcelona’s own writers Ricks and Kans, which are starring in this great video made by Rodrigo Mirando.

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