Through Montana Colors and their exhibition space in Barcelona, Montana Gallery, the young talent Enric Sant, member of the Catalan art collective Mixed Media, was presented during the last International Art Fair Swab.

In a environment surrounded by gallery-stands which presented works for exhibition and sale, the audience saw with surprise a quite dynamic action where they could see the creative process of a piece of art during the four days of the event. This way the visitors were able to get a close look at the doubtless talent and artistic skills of Enric, and his easy way of handling the sprays, how he mixed the colors of the Alien, Hardcore and 94 ranges, and his abilities with brushes to give shades as a last touch, to finally present his finished artwork.

Another step towards showing the general audience that it doesn’t matter where you came from, where you have studied, or because you can take advantage of a  acknowledgement on the “market”, as long as what you are doing is flowing of creativity and talent.

Once again we have to say thank you to Edgar Lledó for following up on this work with his exceptional audiovisual work which delights us, and, not to forget, thank you Laura Llopart for bringing us this exclusive soundtrack which along side with the images helps to describe the moment and the work of the artist in a perfect way.

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