Spanish writer and journalist Arturo Pérez Reverte has given many reason for discussion through his latest novel (in the shops since yesterday), on the subject of graffiti. In his past works the writer from Murcia has clearly shown his position by diving into contents that he finds interesting, and that this is an essential way of writing to him. The piece named “El Francotirador Paciente” (The Patient Sniper) is not a exception to this, and to approach the topic of graffiti culture with some basis Reverte has gotten close and personal with the graffiti scene in Madrid to see its idiosyncrasy and the codes that involves the culture.

As part of the promotional work for the book he has also released this video to present the main character of the story as if we spoke of a person in real life… A interesting approach which aims to give more authenticity to the subject, all with some help from writers of the Madrid graffiti scene such as Jeosm, Thor, Bnom and Zeta… We will have to read the book itself before making our opinions about it…

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