Showing that graffiti is truly central in recent artistic production, deploying their powerful,  expressive, poetic, critical and playful vectors… we can track an important vein of ‘objectualisation’ in the contemporary movement. Without any doubt, Joro (Gandia, 1988) has a starring role in this journey.

n Friday, December 20 he will present his first exhibition at Monduber Gallery within which we can find signs of the identity of an iconic artist in the world of graffiti. The visitor will be captured by the colour and look and will recognize that its deployment is maximized by its limitations and measured by the rhythm of the chosen colours: a powerful and absorbing yellow, a refreshing blue and a warm colourful acidic that invades the vision and all exposed parts. Only after this avalanche you become aware that Joro is not limited to the surface of the fabric, he goes beyond painting itself, either through diverse works, or the dynamic dialogue that acts in conjunction with the other significant elements such as laminates with images drawn from different trades and moments experienced by the artist.

smart, beautiful, and accurate work that leaves us, at the very least, paying attention. Conscious of the fact that, as confirmed by the gallery owner, ‘we are witness to a unique and unrepeatable exhibition’ where everyone should attend and immerse themselves within the spirit of the artist.

Monduber Gallery
República Argentina Avenue 37
46700 Gandia

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