Now is Fasim who show us his Three Aces.

I admit that the selection was not easy to do.

San Andrés, Barcelona 1990

My first favorite is from the time I was thrown into the 156 All Starz crew around 1989/90 in the “Biz zone” of Sant Andreu in Barcelona.

It resumes well my obsession with wild styles, which I really enjoyed doing. I remember that durning this time there was a lot of cop cars rolling around and there was always beef, Mila and Dive always checked out for me.

Clot, Barcelona 1995

This one came out of the blue, not even with a lot of effort. Those times you feel like it was a personal trophy due to the work you made. A feeling of joy. I remember that Musa, Popay, Inca, Rew and some more guys that day in Clot (Barcelona).

Valencia 2013

This piece also kind of came out naturally, very concentrated, one of the last ones I did in Valencia with Dilm and Derk.. One of those pieces leaves you with smile like if you where in love.

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