Text by Alberto F

One of the most representative characteristics of graffiti in Barcelona since the nineties has always been originality. The simplification of style, the removal of the classic guidelines of graffiti with graphic means, and the exaggeration of caricatures in the letters. These are some of the typical tendencies which appeared in the final half of the 90’s in the Catalan capital. Aspects whose origin sprung from the works of old school crews such as DTY and AAA, and then was consolidated through the group of TSK.

Trojan fits perfectly as an example for this type of perception of graffiti culture. We can always see a peculiar way of developing the style which is typical for TSK in his pieces. His styles, which we have been missing a lot since his activity in painting took a halt back in 2006. Fortunately, this prodigal son has returned to graffiti, and since about one ago we can again see new pieces more adapted with a new style which continues to manifest his “affaire” with graffiti.

Another interesting aspect of Trojan is that his personality represents a type of writer in the margins of Hip Hop culture. As we can guess from knowing his name, which is a homage to the classic jamaican record label with the same name, Trojan is more related to to the Anti-fascist Skinhead movement. This aspect, not being very common in graffiti, is still a sign of the wide urban identity through which graffiti was developed in the south of Europe in the end of the 90’s.

The web IDTS made an interview with this magnificent writer. Its definitely worth checking out the published pieces, both old and new, and also take in some of his quotes.

‘(…) you can say that my ambitions changed and that the fame didn’t mean much anymore, at least for me, now I was looking for a good time just painting, overcome myself in every piece and get together with good friends on the weekends. Like Rocky for example. I remember being inspired by him due to his complexity, colorful and complex, but along with time transforming the style into being more and more simple.

As a writer, my main tag has always been Trojan. In honor to the jamaican Rock Steady record label. I took this name due to my connection to the apolitical and anti-fascist skinhead movement. I remember how it was received by many writers. It didn’t fit in with the rest of the scene, but that didn’t matter.

In 2006 I stopped painting. On one hand for personal reasons, and on the other because of the new Zero Tolerance, might be a perfect excuse for me quitting. Now I regret that. I never quit drawing, and now in February I will celebrate one year back on track with my one for graffiti.

‘(Trains) I am very thorough, I think a lot about my pieces before doing them. I don’t like improvising and I ask a lot from myself. Only the ones with a lot of talent makes prefect panels, not me.’

Current influences? Simplicity. The easy going, but at the same time complicated. Vino is the man. That says it all. We all know it, he created his own school.

Since I came back I’ve been in the shadows. Graffiti in Barcelona has writers with great talent, but the sad thing is that so much of this work stays hidden. It is what it is since they introduced the fucking zero tolerance in this city.

I miss the typical old Saturday when I took my Vespa, brought some paint along and chilled out by any wall around the city without getting into any serious trouble.

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