The next invited artists to expose in Monduber Gallery (Gandia, Spain), are Demia Concept.

Demia Concept is a artist couple (Chile, Spain), which arose around 2011 as a combination of thoughts, restlessness, motivation, illusion… to create a artistic project full of concepts.

A young project, although with a long experience in the world of graffiti, they have many miles to go.

They create their own style in every mural made, every canvas, line and paper makes their pieces merge with unique and peculiar elements, giving a subjective value to their works which is hard to explain in words.

This time Demia Concept presents “Katarsis” at Monduber Gallery (17/01/14 – 31/01/14), a true fuse blowing experience for the artist couple which also wants to provoke the audience with a purifying element towards the contemplation of their works. A unconscious form from within themselves to show us the things that creates anxiety, pain or the concerns of everyday stress, and through this clean themselves from these feelings…. DIVING INTO A MANDALA, GETTING CAPTURED BY A LOOK, GETTING LOST IN SHAPES…

Opening: 17th January, 2014, 20:00.

Monduber Gallery
República Argentina Avenue 37
46700 Gandia

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