The sketches is a essential part of graffiti, this said due to that they take part of the process in the making of a piece. It is true that there are writers who’s powers in improvising lets them work without this method, but there are others who sees the sketches as a independent discipline, making every sketch into a valuable piece in itself.

It is because of this we now open our new section called “Ritual of Sketching“. A eye on the works of writers in the hour of sketching, this, which many times never gets to see the light, and in most cases, never gets to hit the walls.

Today with Miedo Garcia.

“I put on a movie to listen to while I draw. I guess it can be related to when I was in school drawing instead of listening to the teacher. It really makes me focus in the sketch, and what comes out is what comes out.”

“I started to paint with Carioca markers because I wanted to learn how to combine colors, but when I started to go out of Spain I freaked out over how much work people put into their sketches.”

“It is pretty relaxing, and with little effort it can bring nice results… Basically I prefer to draw rather than watch TV or play video games. It is like doing something to see if its going to come out good or not, like a sort of self-improvement. Also its something personal for you, in the end its only you and maybe 4 friends who will see it.”

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