Recently my super tall friend Musa71 decided that she would visit San Francisco. We were so excited to have her and arranged a wall with our good friends at 1AMSF in downtown SF. The wall is located in one of the less desirable areas of San Francisco, but this is graffiti and whom would we be to discriminate.

I had a few simple rules of painting this wall for Musa, one don’t talk to anyone, as 95% of them are homeless with psychological disorders or on crack cocaine, or possibly both. I did not mention the reasoning why she was not to speak to anyone, but overall I think that plan worked out well.

There were a few notable situations throughout the day. The man who asked that she paint his arm, when I suggest he walk off before I was irritated, he instantly threw both arms on the wall to get wet paint all over his jacket then ran off. The woman who said “That’s beautiful!” but did not realize Musa had on headphones and did not reply, to which the woman’s reaction turned from praise to “*uck you then!”. The man who assumed my camera would steal his soul, in which my reply was yes and he would then have to purchase it back.

All and all the day was great and I am very grateful to watch and spend some quality time with one of my favorite writers.
Until next time!


In December last year, just over a month ago, after having spent a week at Art Basel in Miami, I went over to San Francisco.

The reason?
-Why not?
-To visit my friends of Montana Colors USA, and to paint something at the same time as I saw the city.

To paint “legally” is not as simple as it can be in Barcelona, but luckily enough Dan (MTN USA), and 1AM gallery joined their forces and got me one of their walls. The gallery is located in the neighborhood of Soma, an intriguing area which is full of life. A kind of extraterrestrial life, but still life. I never saw so many people in wheelchairs before. I never as many people babbling and gesticulating before either, like if they where possessed or something. If the city was not as full of light as it really is, it might have been the entrance to the gates of hell.

I remember Dan saying “you just get to work and paint, don’t talk to anyone. Ill take care of the rest”.
So thats what I did. With music booming in my headphones I could only hear the sirens on the outside. Now and then someone came up to me, and like from the inside of a aquarium I could only see their mouths going, and their arms waving around like a windmill.
Pretty interesting the whole deal actually.

Musa TFP, Black Magic, FHJ, Funky Colors.


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