Some weeks ago the urban arts festival ÚS Barcelona was held, and Montana Colors participated as the only and exclusive sponsor of the event. A collaboration based on both a technical as a artistic level through organizing some of the presentations of the event.

The video below sums up the spectacular happening that brought together a large number of local and international artists, which in their turn attracted huge amounts of visitors to this very entertaining event.

To get a glimpse of the construction of the event as well as the preparation of the festival we also present some clips from the “making of“.

Enric Sant, Ripo, Alice Pasquini or Edjin were some of the artists who participated.

us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn124  us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn120 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn119 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn118 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn117 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn123 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn116 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn126 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn15 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn14 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn13 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn12 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn1 us_barcelona_montana_colors_mtn125

A great recording of the what could be seen on the areas during the creation of the activities of ÚS shows us the size of the event, and it seems this has made an important mark for the relations between the governing institutions of the city of Barcelona and the urban arts movement.

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