Graffiti writer and artist Alberto de Blobs presents this production performed in Barcelona, in the context of the ÚS festival.

The Monster is a short documentary that explores the creative process of the artist through the observations of the graffiti writer, Alberto de Blobs, as he paints the streets of Barcelona. It is a beautifully paced master class of elegant simplicity that aims to follow the evolutionary trail of the creation of a work of urban art. It is worth taking into account that this is a highly unconventional documentary – even for a genre that lends itself so naturally to experimentation.

The documentary makes for a perfect excuse to present an extremely broad reflection of the artist himself, the meaning of artistic creation, and the relationship between the artist, the camera and the spectator, as well as his own personal sense of human existence. All of these topics are presented with great depth and moving sincerity.

Bombinglab realises this experience alongside the exploration of the passage of time, the daily routine of people and of things that gravitate on the street and on its walls.’


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