Lets look back and check out a really eye-opening project which was held during the renovation of the new web of Mtn-world, a project which we can’t look away from.

10 artists with 10 disposable cameras each… This was the idea presented by Fattening Frogs for Snakes for ‘Disposable Heroes‘ which was confronted with the task of sharing their every day life in this interesting format.

The limitations of a disposable camera is a disadvantage, but together with the naturalness of its analog results it has made this project a quite interesting adventure into the most intimate situations of these 10 well known names of the international graffiti scene.
We felt it was worth looking back on it and go through some of the most spectacular pics of each participant.

Ceos NFA

dhc-8dhc-5dhcVentsa CMS

dhv-1 dhv-5 dhv-6


wama-9 wama-17 wama-20

Utah & Ether

ue-4 ue-11 ue-25

Usual Suspects London

usldn-1 usldn-10 usldn-14

The Grifters

grift-5 grift-8

The Grifters 2

themgrifters2199 themgrifters2209


dhe-4 dhe-11 dhe-12

 Ziner NFA

dhz-3dhz-13 dhz-20


cnv00003 cnv00010 cnv00030

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