Sen2 from New York is the next protagonist on the section Three Aces.

This piece was made during my first years as a writer. This was the time I started to find more and more style, but what I was missing was the design. I did lines without thinking, but I had a lot of fun. I painted every day. This one is from back in 1992.


‘This piece means a lot to me personally. First of all because it was making a dream come true. Everyone are fans of some particular writer, and in my case it was Dare TWS. This was the only piece i ever made with him, and last piece he ever did. It was also the first and last time he ever used MTN 94, and he was fascinated by it. Too me it was a dream come true, and just a few months later Dare left us to rest in peace. Mu utterly most respect goes out to him, always in my heart and you will always be the best. Peace!


This one I like because I can see a change of style on the journey I’ve been since 30 years, I can see the evolution of my graffiti here. Even if its not really “New York style”, I really like the combination with the new generation of graffiti artists. All my respect, Sen2 manystyles. The phrase is from Case2 in Style Wars, We are the best!

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