After another year of graffiti in the area of Levante a meeting was held at the classic wall by the Camino Antiguo Real de Gandia the 1st of March. This was the 2014 edition of the Pixaví Festival, and of course in collaboration with Montana Colors and Monduber Spray Color.


With a whole lot of participants, this years festival started out with some slight changes, especially looking up at the sky. It became a quite grey day with rain, and not like other years when the weather has been great with sunshine and blue skies. Writers of many different styles and character came together with one common goal: The color range of Yosemite to Maya of the MTN 94‘s.


Totally around 60 graffiti artists at the level of names like Fasim, Dibo, Johe, Taser and other Wild Cans members, Joro, Bicho, Apes, Cita, Chapu, Kaner and Omega TBS… and many more. Everybody came to join forces in this display of aerosol skills in all its aspects.
One thing is clear:  We can’t reveal how the party ended… even if you can imagine how things might have went down. Let us give you an idea… high volume and a open mic when Johe was in place…

A.Pons, Montana Colors.


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