The presentation of the latest issue of Estilo y Cojones was held last Friday at Montana Shop Sevilla. The long awaited third issue (second printed edition) was worth celebrating in style, and the occasion will have its equivalent in Barcelona on the 28 of March at Montana Cafe & Restaurant, luckily enough.

Until that day comes we can only sit back and enjoy this video from what happened in Seville. The manager of Montana Shop Sevilla informs on the matter…

Time and place: 14/03/2014 · 8pm · Arjona 9, Sevilla.
Mission: To present the latest issue of Estilo y Cojones Magazine in its novelty. 

 A new issue which has been long awaited by our type of people. This combined with a video which was finished the same week as we where ready, and we came straight from the printing office to the release party of the magazine. Where? At Montana Shop Sevilla.

 The Perfect Plan: Discovering the content of the new issue together with a big herd of writers to the sounds of Dj Arsa and the rhymes of C.Terrible aka Socio Ejecutor.

 But still, what is better than seeing it for yourselves through the work of Crude Studio.  

The people behind Estilo y Cojones are back to show us that if there’s a will, there’s a way!

Thanks to everyone who helped us in making this possible!

estilo_y_cojones_sevilla3 estilo_y_cojones_sevilla estilo_y_cojones_sevilla4

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