MTN Australia recently released this fabulous video with focus on the graffiti writer Cekios. Even if this artist doesn’t need further introduction for the the Australian audience, we have to say that this one of the most spoken of names from the scene on the australian continent. In the following video you can clearly see that Cekios enough skills to work on any types of surfaces.

‘It’s obvious in video’s like this how essential it is that writers use the highest quality paint. With time against them, they need to be able to depend on their can to consistently push out solid, unbroken lines and not to clog up on them while they’re getting it done. They need the paint to go down thick and fast, and the Hardcore 2 certainly stands up to the test. Which is why writers like Cekios can trust products like the Hardcore 2, so that they can focus on the real task at hand.

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