The train lines around the city of Basel in Switzerland have always been one of the most important sanctuaries for European graffiti. But the treasures is not only found on the tracksides, they also travel around back and forth on the rails themselves: Here is a selection of freight trains made by Smash137. The images was found on Stylekings, a blog which exclusively follows the graffiti scene of Basel.

smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_11smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_10smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_3smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_5smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_4smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_6smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_7smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_8 smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_1smash137_freight_graffiti_basel_montana_colors_2

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