We already knew that when Da Mental Vaporz begins a project they put all effort possible into it. The exhibition “The Wall” which the crew now has presented at the BC Gallery in Berlin is not an exception to this fact, and far from it.

A sensational video with a extensive collection of pictures covers this tremendous work of the DVM collective: The enormous mural as a live-show and the opening of the show which focuses on the their quite interesting installations and presented works.

For all those who are in Berlin at the moment, remember that the expo will remain open until the 31st of May.

Special thanks to Maximiliano of Suben Art Management.

workinprogres_Damentalvaporz_montana_colors3DMV_Small_Wall_montana_colorsDMV_Big_Wall_Damentalvaporz_montana_colors DMV_Big_Wall__Damentalvaporz_montana_colors DMV_Big_Wall_montana_colorsDMV_Checkpoint_Charlie_montana_colorsBLO_Window_Damentalvaporz_montana_colorsBlo, ‘Window’

Bomk_N_importe_Quoi_Damentalvaporz_montana_colorsBomk, ‘N’importe Quoi’

Gris_1_We_don_t_need_no-thought_control_Damental_vaporz_montana_colorsGris1,_’We don’t need no thought control’

Jaw_Juddy_Roll_Damentalvaporz_montana_colorsJaw, ‘Juddy_Roll’

Kan_London_Damentalvaporz_montana_colorsKan, ‘London’

Lek_Spoutnik_Damentalvaporz_montana_colorsLek, ‘Spoutnik’

Sowat_Saint_George_and_the_Dragon_Damentalvaporz_montana_colorsSowat, ‘Saint George and the Dragon’

Brusk_Damentalvaporz_montana_colorsBrusk ‘Sous les paves la plage


Libauer Str. 14
10245 Berlin

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