We remind you of the expo by Keis which opened its doors Saturday 26th of April, and that the show will remain open until the 6th of June at Montana Cafè & Restaurant. Until then you can pass by and enjoy Keis‘ universe of ‘Demonios Medievales VOL’. Here is a brief review of the presented work and some images from the fun opening which gathered people of all kind.

KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_2KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_3KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_4 KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_5KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_6KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_7KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_8KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_9KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_10KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_11KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_12KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_13KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_14KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_15KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_16KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_17KEIS_lozano_montana_cafe_expo_18

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