After having taken a look at the Flickr of Ponk HA, we was quite surprised about his intense work of drawings. The englishman only needs one color for fill and another for lines when he manifests his amazing styles in letters. He has a very different approach of going about while sketching, simple but really worth looking into.

I seem to go through spells of drawing, for a few months I might do it every single night religiously and then I´ll stop and hardly draw anything for weeks. I never draw and watch TV usually its with a bottle of wine a rolly and quite often just in silence. I usually forget about anything else and just see what happens.

Its very rare that I´ll draw thinking about what I´m going to paint. I never use an outline to paint, so for me it more of a way to get some ideas into my letter and doo-dad library. A way to explore new shapes, lines and actions before putting them down on a wall. I´ll test tags too often doing these first which leads onto thinking about the structure of my letters in new ways.

I don’t think I have ever done a sketch using a lot of colors. The most recent series of sketches I have done is using just one color, small simple sketches that really seem to develop over the series and allowed me to loosen up while painting, giving me confidence with different letters and shapes.

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