At last we have the photo review of the event Open Summer Jam 3.  Zeus, Opium, Demon, Wow123, Reso, Katre, Panks, Ofusk, Redy, Tilt, Dize, Yome, Astro, Gorg, Lenz, Stop, Mile, Toncé, Seth, Ja, Reks, Tibet, Sike, EPS, Maelim, Gerz, Seno, Maye, Momies, Sherio, Nodit, Stone, Pazo, Nes, Kool.T, Teoz, Eno, Brius, Rokse, Zepha

This whole army of writers burning it out in Launaguet in the district of Toulouse, France…
Action-94Cans-02Action-Dashe-01Action-Eps-Rami-01Action-Maye-01Action-Tilt-03Action-Tilt-02Action-Zeus-01Action-Zeus-MTN-Logo-02stane-seth gorg-eps-mealim-pazo katre-dize globalmaye-redy reso-dashe opium-reso side-01side-02

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