Only Belin was missing after having interviewed Pez and GR170 because of their participation with our SprayPlanet Gallery, and the same questions are now asked to him. Remember the you can find these limited edition artworks through SprayPlanet (If you are not from Spain or Portugal, contact at

-What was the first thing that came to your mind when you was presented to this project?

A great opportunity to be in the hands of Montana Colors, I’ve been working for many years with this paint brand. For the release of MTN 94 it was another artist and me which created the color charts.

-Explain what your contribution consists of.

It is about bringing hope to this world through the “architect of dreams” (the name of his piece is “Arquitecta de Sueños”), which tries to tell us that all of us can make our dreams become reality.


-Both the technique and the performance of your contribution seems to be of a style more accessible to a larger audience and with less purchasing power than the ones we might find in the world of art. What is your opinion of serigraphy as a format?

Seriegraphy is a technique with a lot of history. Great artist like for example Miró, Picasso and Dalí used this format.
It is a graphic artwork signed by the artist, and it gives it a lot of value. With it you get a more economic opportunity since there are more copies of the same work.
It is also important that there are more accessible art for everyone.
Not everyone can buy a original painting of mine, but through screen prints I can give more people a chance to have one.


-How did you come up with the style which defines you as the artist you are today?

Through a lot of work, (laughs).. I always thought of graffiti as a hobby. To get where I am today I had to close my eyes and not look at any other artwork of other artists to be able to create my own style. I always try to make my style 100% Belin.

-What do you value the most when looking at a piece of art?

The personality and difficulty of having come up with the creation of the item. I like when a artist make an effort and complicates things to create a good work. Personally I do not use projectors, grids or stencils… I like a good challenge.


-Who do you admire, and why?

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Picasso and Dalí, because they all died making real ART.

-Is there something you have done lately which you are particularly proud of?

Having created a style.


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