The second edition of the exhibition Mister Freeze in Toulouse was opened on the 23rd of May, a day before Summer Jam 3, and this years expo didn’t hold anything back for the large amounts of visitors.

The organizing association Faute o Graff split the event between two different locations through the presentation of smaller gallery artwork in the now classic ‘Le Frigo‘ (The fridge), and larger scale murals in what then was a secret location. The show was because of this split into two sets: ‘Nite & Day‘. After the amazing presentation of works in ‘Le Frigo‘, the whole crowd travelled to the opposite side of the city Toulouse to enter a huge abandoned warehouse completely covered by works of international names in graffiti and mural art. A whole day and night of distinct techniques in various formats which didn’t have the crowd bored for a single second.

The participating artist where: Sike, Momies, Opium, Astro, Tonce, Tanc, Wany, Zepha, Mlle Boo, Lek, Sowat, Pro176, Zest, Landry, Frode, Scred, Reso, Sherio, Katre, Tilt, Demon, Costa, F.Bel, Gris1, Legz, Zoer, Case, Wow123, Velvet, Miss Van, Ciro, Ditno, Panks, Dely and Stop.

mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_1 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_0 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_2 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_3 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_4 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_7 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_6 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_opium mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_5 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_pro176 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_tilt2 mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_zest mister_freeze_toulouse_montana_colors_tilt3

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