Who said that graffiti on public transports doesn’t look nice? Well, basically the laws of all countries. Even so in Sofia, Bulgaria, they have granted permission for the local graffiti artists to paint a bunch of the city’s trams in their own style and taste. A initiative which reminds us of “Train Delivery” in Bucharest, Romania, the “Proyeto Whole Train” in São Luis-MA, Brazil and Thali’s intervention in Paris, France.

We take the opportunity to mention our distributors in Bulgaria, Natamno.

SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_8 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_13 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_12 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_11 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_10 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_7 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_2 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_6 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_ SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_3 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_4 SOFIA_public_transport_montana_colors_5

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