Montana Colors has made a product collaboration together with Hydroponic, a local skate brand from Barcelona, and the contribution is a Pocket can which will form part of a pack: skate + stencils + spray, which now is for sale in specialized shops. This is a collaboration with a point of interest in what they represent: To show the problems –  the persecution by authorities – excessive sanctions/fines, etc – the things which the people who practice these two activities, graffiti and skating, has to suffer for belonging to a inner city street culture. This is why both entities decided to work together to make our voices heard about this situation, to claim our space and right to access the public space for both our cultures, and that the activities of this kind should not always be looked upon as crimes. Through this, we wanted to recycle the classic motto “Art is Not a Crime” for the campaign.

In this video you get to see the results of the first action in relation to the campaign, a intervention made in the mythic surf shop La General Surfera” in Barcelona (Balmes 313) made by Japon and Tornillo

The next intervention to come will be a workshop for children in the space ofLGS held by Sawe and Tornillo next Saturday 21st of JuneClick here for more info.

Keep your eyes open because we will continue to manifest where we stand at the coming Extreme Festival, where we will have a stand as Montana Shop & Gallery with more activities of all kinds. Only a week away… The countdown has started.

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