LKXA EXTREME FESTIVAL: 28th and 29th of June from 10:00 to 21:00 in the Parc del Fòrum (Barcelona)

Once again we are in place at this amazing meeting for Skate, BMX, FMX, MTB, Scooter and Inline fans offering a wide variety of activities:

Graffiti exhibition: “La cuidad es nuestra” (The city is ours)

Tretze, Big Zeta, Saturno, NobleBiz, Sawe and Japon, and many more, will go to work and show us their skills with the spraycan on a very original building structure.


Group exhibition: “Art is Not a Crime”.

A group show under commission of Montana Colors, Hydroponic and Franela Magazine where you can see almost 40 pieces designed by different artists with skates as their canvas in a wide range of art and designs. Don’t miss it!

Montana Shop Barcelona “Pop-up Store”

Our official store in Barcelona turned 10 years old this year, and we are definitely celebrating it! Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by and visit our Pop-up store within the compound of the festivals Market Place where you can find great deals on spray cans, markers, books, shirts and other accessories. You can also find blank skateboards ready for your own customizing in our workshop held by two of our most skillful artists.

Graffiti workshop: “The City as a Playground”

We do not only offer workshops over at our Pop-up store, we are also holding various ones over at the space which Asociación Difusor gave us.

Workshops of customizing and decorating as a introduction to painting with aerosol as the main tool where we offer our services to people of all ages.


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