Dream, the style master from Basel (Switzerland) and component of the crew The Wild Side gave us his three favorite pieces:


In this night there was a heavy snow blizzard. It was the only snowfall during this winter and 30 meters below on the streets people was drinking and playing snowball fights. Really on top and on a plastic chair the view over the city was amazing!
Its one of my favorite pieces cause of the colors, the size and the climbing action. But allways remember, dont do this at home when the roof is frozen.


One of those relaxed actions in a abandoned factory area. I like the style, straight in a good position on the wall. While painting, two strange criminal guys wearing black leatherjackets and sneaking around between the broken walls. We became buddys after. One of them was hustling for a spraycan, and he starts painting big flowers on the factory wall.


A classic from the 90’s together with Sars TUC (characters) along the Basel railwaylines. Reduced in colors with a good portion of swing and one more unforgettable night on the tracks.

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