To round up the month of celebrations for the 3rd anniversary of Montana Shop Seville the andalusians joined forces with Estilo y Cojones, and they are also celebrating their birthday. A big mural with a exclusive line of invited writers which process can be seen in this following video, all in the name of the 3rd year of existence of both the shop and the magazine. Three years of putting Seville on the map.

montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_sawe montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_kernel montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_brus montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_rstoy montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_over montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_joe montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_jaba montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_demsmontana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_1montana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_cartelmontana_shop_sevilla_estilo_y_cojones_wall_

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