The strong sun and heat which battered Barcelona on the 28th and 29th of June wasn’t an excuse to not go ahead and represent for the fans of extreme sports at El Parc del Forum during the annual Extreme Festival.

The presence of Montana Colors was really noticeable during this year’s edition, and the most striking activity was the graffiti exhibition by TretzeBig ZetaSaturnoNobleBizSawe and Japon who during two days filled a huge space by presenting a wide variety of styles and tastes.


Also The exhibition ‘Art is Not a Crime’ blew the public away with the quality and quantity of pieces over skate decks.


The workshop called ‘The City as a Playground’, supported by Difusor, also gained the attention of many participants of all ages. Even adult people showed their interest due to their curiosity and creative instincts.


And not to forget, our Montana Shop ‘Pop-up Store’ which filled the needs of many curious visitors by presenting our latest MTN products.


Definitely a extreme weekend full of emotion in the sunshine, and once again with Montana Colors to give it a touch of color.

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