The city council of Granollers, a community in the province of Barcelona, has started a series of interventions which aims to be held two or three times a year.

The project starts out with a decoration of a facade of a building next to the river of the town, a spot which can be seen from the place where Aryz himself started painting years ago. This is a wall which Aryz was fantasizing about to paint for years, and, which now he was able to paint with permission.

When you create something within realism people tend to see it differently. People look at you and think differently when you are up on a sky lift. What they don’t know is that we are the same people that makes other types of murals which they have been seeing walking down the street”.


The intervention has lasted two weeks. Just enough time to cover the facade of a twelve story building block, a total of 40 m high.

In terms of the murals theme according to Aryz he says: ‘“they gave me complete liberty to create what i wanted. The piece is very “light”, without any negative transcendence. I aimed to do something quite sober which maintained muralist aesthetics”. The presentation shows important elements of muralist tradition which seems to pay homage to classic working class imagery: A gallow, a shirtless man, a woman wearing a traditional dress. “The wall is very close to Canovelles, a working class town with a high percentage of immigrants and regular folk, family and people really close to me”.


To determine the title of the piece he made a open call to the public, to make the people of the town participate more in the work and its meaning. “Príap and Deméter” became the result. The title refers to the gods from greek mythology which represents fertility and nature as well as it has its links to agriculture and work. In this way Aryz, both at a practical and a symbolic level, presented a work which speaks to all tastes and included the people in the making.

“It is incredible how many people came by to see it these days. In the end it created a kind of route. The whole town has heard about what was being done here, and people came by before and after work just to see its evolution”.


At the same time he held a workshop for children where the youngest ones made their own interpretation of the piece by filling a white space in the form of the silhouette of the painting. The cherry on top of a work which literarily included the audience.


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