Last Saturday 3rd of july, IntiJaz, Saner y went through with their peculiar reconquering when they disembarked in Montana Gallery Barcelona.

The setbacks has to be mentioned though… Neither Decertor or his works was present in the show, and not due to any type of “desertion”. The dilemma was of a more bureaucratic kind since his material was held in by the customs, and therefore will be added to the show with a slight delay.

Even if the show turned out incomplete to its original idea, the opening brought a fair share of people to come and visit, and for the first time in the gallery since its latest reforms. The three Latin Americans presented a beautiful set of works full of symbolism where the miscegenation between american and european culture was put in the context of the colonization in the 16th century, which was the theme of this peculiar and interesting demonstration.

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