Without even noticing we are up to ten episodes of our Versus project 2014. Now its time to take a break and look back at what we have had the pleasure to lay our eyes upon during this years set.

Something which has been characteristic for this years edition is the amount of train actions that was presented. Lets not lie to ourselves, graffiti on panels is true pleasure for all of us, and especially when we get the opportunity to see writers at the height of Cekios, Brus, Exit and crews like QK and WUFC doing it.

Also you can review…

QK VS Budha Red

Brus VS Pangea Brown

Exit VS Veneno Green

Niro, Slap & Ligisd VS Ufo Green

Cekios VS Patagonia Blue

Obelics VS Glacier Blue

USA94 VS Unicron Yellow

Smuggled VS Flamingo

Amend VS Merlot Red

Fynd VS Max Green

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