MTN Australia keeps publishing interesting interviews! This last session they got a hold of  Aper, a tenacious writer from the other side of the ocean with a indiscriminate international activity in graffiti. Pay attention because he tell us is very interesting anecdotes!

I spend most of my time in Montreal, However I am originally from a small fishing village, and would be considered a redneck in larger cities.


I got robbed by the police in Kiev with my crew mate after we drank 2 bottles of vodka and tried to break into a beer kiosk with a stop sign we ripped out of the cement. We both vomited in a taxi afterwards and then the driver chased us around the street with a baseball bat. We made it back to his cab before him and did window acid tags on his windshield. That was a bad night.


I actually prefer to paint in the cold. I am from a the east coast, and there it is snowing for 8 out of 12 months of the year so I have grown accustomed to it. I can recall painting in -40 c° in Montreal.(…) I got frostbite on my index finger one year resulting in nerve damage, so I couldn’t feel the tip for like, 8 months (of my finger).

I feel that it is important to have a solid letter structure, and not hide toy letters behind a bunch of flashy colours and pointless extensions. I am not a style master by any stretch, but thats just my opinion.


I don’t care at all about legal painting. It isn’t really graffiti to me. Graffiti is illegal. If you put in years of crushing systems and streets than thats fine, but its not the same game if its not risking your freedom.

Some of my friends are color blind so it is interesting and funny  to see what they choose. I usually just stick to a few combinations that I know work, Paris Green Hardcore 2 and Vivid Red are some of my favourites.

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