Cadaqués is a municipality located at Cap de Creus on the furthest most northern tip of the Catalan coast. Famous its exceptional mediterranean scenery, the location has always been a source of inspiration for many artists in history, with Salvador Dali as the most famous one.

The project TraMontana, developed by Montana Colors and ‘We Love Cadaqués‘, in collaboration with Moritz, is now here to try to reinvent the artistic spirit of the town through urban art. In this first edition we will see Barcelona’s TrezeAlberto de Blobs and Big Zeta together with locals Ilich Roimeser and Joseph create their art on the same type of structure we saw being decorated during the Extreme Festival.

Do not miss the fabulous video made by Bombinglab which clearly makes us see the pleasant ambience which is present in the town of Cadaqués.


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