The latest project by Os Gemeos takes place within the framework of the Vancouver Biennale.

These silos in an industrial area of the city (Granville Island) have become the canvas for their next production; giants dressed in their characters’ classic attire.








These 6 cylinders (70 foot tall each one) have made it possible to bring a new volume to their figures which differs from the impressive, yet flat productions they’ve previously completed in Nueva YorkLodzBoston or San Francisco.



It is important to highlight the social function that these types of interventions have on a city and it’s inhabitants; something that we feel can be very positive.  “Every city needs art and art has to be in the middle of the people”, commented the brazilians.

Graffiti and mural interventions function as architectural and aesthetic solutions within major cities. Color works as a remedy that can improve people’s moods, and as it’s been proved, grants cities with a different overall feel, and contrasts the habitual grey of concrete.


The Biennale included this project in a crow-funding campaign in order to cover the costs that were generated. If you’d like to participate with your two cents, click here.

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