While on vacations, the guys from Estilo y Cojones made a photographic work about Santa Pola. This is a community situated in the province of Alicante, Spain, specially known for its Hall of Fame with its abandoned swimming pool. The place offers a dense amount of graffiti with surprisingly high quality. We made a selection among the images and brought you some great samples of graffiti representing the south-east of Spain.

santa_pola_roice_rois_graffiti_montana_colorssanta_pola_graffiti_bruto_montana_ColorsSanta_pola_graffiti_dems_novadead_ santa_pola_spider_bruto_graffiti_montana_colorssanta_pola_dems_rois_cash_graffiti_montana_colorssanta_pola_sope_sonar_graffiti_montana_colorssanta_pola_smel_stone_graffiti_montana_colors santa_pola_graffiti_sozyone_dems_montana_colors_thumb santa_pola_roice_graffiti_montana_colors

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