The californian artist known as Chor Boogie, who customary collaborates with Montana Colors and has his own MTN Limited Edition, is now the spotlight among the news from the exclusive clothes brand The Hundreds. Josh Schielie made an interview with this remarkable character who through his art aims to create a timeless dimension of originality, form, expression and faith. We pass along some fragments of Jason Hailey’s declarations, aka Chor Boogie himself, in  his own words.


‘Usually characters within the street culture carried numbers or their block behind their name, I wanted to be different.  My art is my chore and I get boogie with it, you may catch me dancing while I’m in my creative zone.’


‘I consider my style now as “Modern Hieroglyphics” (…) an aerosol art form which is the fundamental basis of my style. It’s a splash of color therapy, meets fine art, meets street, meets music, meets multidimensional perspective, meets love.’


‘I take inspiration from the works of Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Michelangelo, Caravaggio. To more modern day contemporaries in the spray paint world: PHASE 2 (…) RIFF170 and VULCAN (…) They inspired me to the fullest, all of these guys are my brothers in arms and I love them for what they have done for me.’


‘I have experienced allot from the dark side – addiction, jail, death, however I was able to correct my wrongdoings and got clean for about thirteen years.’

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