Izeal is a Madrid born writer who takes the “Ritual of Sketching” very seriously. So seriously that he has two different sketching procedures depending on whether or not the piece is going to be painted or not, and this leads to some ideas remaining exclusively in the blackbook and never reaching the wall.


The secret is in the sketch. I like to sketch in color and consider that colors are another discipline to be worked on. In the past I did it more often, but lately I don’t practice sketching separate letters. I start with the “I” and continue working each letter until it starts making sense and then I get to the “L”. I always do the entire name, I don’t know, it just works for me. I love to throw in characters or scenes that have 50-40% of the importance in the composition in caparison to the letters.


Normally, I work during the whole week on the same piece that I’m going to paint that following weekend, and simultaneously I sketch other things, but not always. It depends on my free time. If I work a lot on the sketch it’s because I’m not going to paint it. I like to do them in the blackbook, and lately on a double page spread. If it’s a sketch that I’m going to paint, I often do it on a graphics tablet, since it’s the tool that I usually use for work. It’s very convenient and fast, especially for coloring in.

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