Last Saturday, 28th of September, with the invaluable collaboration by Montana Colors, a new brand of aerosol paint was launched at Monduber Gallery (Gandía): HDA COLORZ. The brand developed as a result of the collaboration between a diverse group of artists and writers who have blended their fun moments, streets and colours, and joined forces to launch a new instrument for expression onto the market in the form of a range of 12 colors. It’s expected to bring moments of freshness to all those who decide to discover this new universe of color at the touch of a nozzle.
Hartos de Arte present a gamma of 12 colours created exclusively for this exhibition.

A nod to the aerosol industry, the brand war, and also a metaphor for each one of us, each represented in the form of a color that makes up this complex and fun color scheme. But that will be up to each of the group members.

HDA is characterized by the union of it’s members, despite difficulties, each one contributes their bit to a shared project.


HDA CREW (is the color BLACK)
11 artists in alphabetic order:

3615 (Paris) APES (Barcelona) KANS (Barcelona) DOLS (Buenos Aires) GNYO (Madrid) INOS (Marsella) RING (Heildelberg/Barcelona) SENY (Barcelona) SPER (Barcelona) TVRBO (Paris) ZIRE (Paris/Barcelona)

On the occasion of the event, the HDA members have selected a group of photographs form the last 3 years with which they will release a limited edition of 40 zines.
Below are some photo so you can get an idea of what went down in Monduber Gallery.

The exhibition runs until November 29th.

hda_colorz_ring_kans_apes_sperm hda_colorz_stickershda_colorz_general_hda_colorz_expo_7hda_colorz_inos_hda_colorz_genio_hda_colorz_seny_2hda_colorz_zire_hda_colorz_comp_hda_colorz_expo_6hda_colorz_sper_hda_colorz_kans_hda_colorz_turbo_hda_colorz_expohda_colorz_expo_5hda_colorz_expo_4hda_colorz_expo_3hda_colorz_expo_2apes_ring_sper_hda_colorzring_sperm_hdahda_colorz_expo_9

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