Us at Montana Gallery Barcelona are very pleased to announce the opening Enric Sant‘s exhibition “Viaje hacia el presente” (Journey to the present), which will be uncovered this Thursday 23rd of October.

This young and promising artist was a delight to encounter at the art-fair Swab 2013 where he performed with a amazing live action painting, and now it is time for our space at Montana Gallery Barcelona to present this unique, different, grasping and extraordinary material. 


Inauguración el jueves 23 de Octubre del 2014 a partir de las 20h. 
Exposición del 24 de Octubre al 6 de Diciembre de 2014.

Thick mist emerged from the volcano,
as if a thin, grey air,
would appear in the forgotten, 
like the wind filled sails of feathers,

consciences are perhaps the sum
of the collected crying, which has been
a silent gale without destination,
or a rough sea made of foam.

It’s that grey dust in the moon
the inheritance of the past that subjugates;
the present that is the sad crib, 

of those who left after its’ escape
buried in the present, its’ fortune,
underneath a volcano that bedame a dune.

September 7th 2014 –  J.Ll.Folch


“Vieja hacia el presente (Journey to the present) is the first solo exhibition by Enric Sant (Barcelona, 1985) hosted by the Montana Gallery in Barcelona.

The artist presents a unique vision of the world where organic shapes and bodies take the lead role in a series of oil paintings and quickly executed ink drawings. 

The works speak of desires and fears of people and their relationship with a man-made environment.


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