The day of ‘El Clásico, when Real Madrid plays FC Barcelona, is the perfect day to even out the indifferences of rivalry between the two cities by remembering what took place last Saturday at El Montana Cafe & Resturant in Barcelona. The exhibition and book release ‘Just 4 Fun‘ brought some of the best of Madrid’s graff scene: Style, fun and good vibes. More than a few writers came to visit the event, and it turned into a showing of outstanding sketches and a great party with great feeling. (Moritz beers and Jägermeister also played its roll).
Here some analog pics from the event with courtesy of Margarito Dela Guetto and Daniel Luengo who came to witness the results.

just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant13 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant7 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant12 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant8just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant15 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant4 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant3just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant17 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant18 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant_ just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant89 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant11 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant2just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant14just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant16just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant10 just_4_fun_montana_cafe_restaurant

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