Since there is no beginning without an end, the eye-opening event Open Walls Conference has finally come to its end.

Last Friday and Saturday the Mirador hall of CCCB in Barcelona filled up with participants to listen to the talks of Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, Todd W. Bressi, Mónica Campana, Javier Abarca and Will Shank among others. In the audience we could see various known faces from the scene of urban arts like Miss Van, Max Ripo and Sixe Paredes.
Us at MTN-World feel we have to put a spotlight on some of the more interesting conferences. On one hand Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada which presented a synthesis of great interest along with some of his works related to Land-art; and on the other hand Javier Abarca, which introduced us to a orthodox perspective on the gap between street art and contemporary mural art. 
When it comes to the mural productions made by the invited artists of the event, we found it best to let this photographic review to speak for itself…  However… One of the interventions is still to be produced. The mural of Spogo, which will start his work this week.
The pictures were taken by Fernando Alcalá.

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