Vents RTR is a veteran writer from New Zealand from who we are used to see material circulating through the Internet. With almost 20 years of experience as a writer we can distinguish a cultivated and consistent style in his murals, a style drowning of influences of classic New York wild style and the biggest names of Oceania’s graffiti traditions, holding no limits when it comes to strong color combinations.

In one of his latest mural works Vents has used the main models of Montana Colors aerosols: Hardcore 2, 94, Alien and Water Based. An interesting combination of materials which seems have worked out perfectly…

I got some of the Water Based 300 to try but usually I paint with the 94’s and Aliens. I was just using whatever I had but I was interested to see how the Water Based would perform in combination with the others and I have to say I was really impressed.


We also include another piece by Vents made only with Water Based.


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